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dirk newbold dirkdirk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 10:19:31 UTC 2007

Thanks Michel,

All perfect now.

I think I know why it didn't work when you emailed me that piece of code the
last time - I think I tried it after I went into the config page and pressed
submit, thus changing the default Home Directory without me realising
it.  Seems
I know just enough to make myself dangerous.

Thanks Michel (and All) for your help and patience - also thanks for the
further explaination on the configuration of sites it really helped further
my understanding of the Seaside framework.



On 4/25/07, Michel Bany <michel.bany at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Dirk,
> Assuming that
> (1) you have a standard Seaside install, as you said,
> (2) you have a file named 'memberMail.gif' in folder c:\Program
> Files\Cincom\vw7.4.1nc\web\examples\
> Then
> (a) you should be able to see you picture when pointing your browser to
> http://localhost:8008/memberMail.gif
> (b) you should also see it at
> http://localhost:8008/seaside/memberMail.gif
> (c) you should also see it as part of a Seaside component if the rendering
> code contains
> html image: '../memberMail.gif'
> Regarding the configuration of the sites, you would need to read the
> WebToolkit documentation.
> This is a pdf document named 'WebAppDevGuide.pdf' and located in the doc
> folder.
> The document explains how to sites are defined using *.ini files in the
> web folder.
> You will then notice that the 'seaside' site is not defined using an *.ini
> file.
> Instead it is created programmatically during the installation of Seaside
> to minimize the amount of setup for beginners.
> It is also recreated each time you bring up your VW image.
> The code that creates the 'seaside' site can be found in method
> AAADocumentation>>createWebSite.
> In this method you will notice this statement
> configParameters at: 'directory' put: default directoryName.
> which means the the home directory of the 'seaside' site is the same as
> the home directory of the 'default' site.
> See in 'default-site.ini' directory = $(VISUALWORKS)/web/examples
> This remark should explain (b) above.
> An advanced Seaside user will probably setup Seaside sites using the *.ini
> files.
> To define a Seaside site using an *.ini file, you will need to create a
> new file, say 'mySite.ini'
> with some contents like this
> [configuration]
> directory = D:/mySite
> environment = MyNameSpace
> description = My Seaside site
> home = startpage.html
> [logical-names]
> app = servlet/SeasideServlet
> Next you will need to update the 'webtools.ini' file to include that line
> mySite = mySite.ini
> Finally, you will need to force WebToolkit to reread its config files by
> going to
> http://localhost:8008/configure/manageServer
> and follow the instructions, or go directly to
> http://localhost:8008/configure/resetConfiguration
> Place your static files in the folder defined in the mySite.ini file
> (directory =)
> Once this is done you can go to you site using
> http://localhost:8008/mySite
> or
> http://localhost:8008/mySite/app/browse
> Let me know if this helps,
> Michel.
> I posted the question below last week and although I had may tips (a lot
> went over my head) I am still unable to display an image in a webpage
> generated by Seaside.
> I have tried all sorts of variations on the 'image' method but still can't
> get the method to find the image "Which dir do I place the Image?" - I
> have been able, through the 'style sheets' to get the height, width and a
> border around where the image should be but I am just left with the old 'red
> cross' icon.
> I am using Cincom Visual Works 7.4.1nc with the 'SeasideForWebToolKit',
> 'VisualWave' and 'WebToolkits' parcels loaded.
> When I investigated the server created by VW: http://localhost:8008 and
> went to the configuration page for 'seaside' the Home Directory
> :$(VISUALWORKS)/web/examples, was displayed which through me off track for a
> while as Seaside must really be overriding this path as when, just by
> coincidence I pressed the submit button the $(VISUALWORKS)/web/examples
> actually became the Home Directory (and was actually able to pick files up
> from there) but then none of the Seaside webpages would load and I had to
> reinstall a previous VW Image.
> Could someone please set me straight as I am so frustrated?
> Original Post:
> I am just trying to display an image in a webpage. Originally it was
> generated by a html file but now in Seaside (renderContentOn: html).
> e.g. the image is located at:
> c:\Program Files\Cincom\vw7.4.1nc\web\examples
> With html and having the image located in the same dir as the html file I
> used:
> <img src="memberMail.gif" alt="Email Member"/>
> Which displayed the image in web page generated by that html file.
> I just can't figure out how to do it in Seaside.  I have been fine with
> all the other facets of converting my html files into Seaside but for some
> reason I can't figure this out - I'm afraid I'm just a beginner in
> Smalltalk/Seaside.
> Cheers,
> Dirk
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