[Seaside] Oddness with #lightbox: in VW

Yann Monclair yann at monclair.info
Thu Apr 26 17:36:22 UTC 2007

Thanks Boris,

I can't say on the top of my head which version of scriptaculous we  
run, but I remember that that WARenderNotification raiseSignal isn't  
there, but it is in the #call: implementation.

Yes the lightbox isn't ajax, but it's eye candy that makes your app  
look more impressive ;)



On Apr 26, 2007, at 6:22 PM, Boris Popov wrote:

> Which version of Seaside and SeasideScriptaculous are you using? There
> was a change in the call/answer recently that I found in my YUI panel
> use and myself and Lukas updated my implementation and his  
> #lightbox: to
> raise a render notification at the end to make it work properly again.
> Its already part of the most recent version in public repository, but
> here's a relevant method that you need,
> lightbox: aComponent
> 	^ AnswerContinuation currentDo: [ :cc |
> 		self
> 			show: aComponent
> 			onAnswer: cc
> 			delegation: (Seaside.SULightbox new
> 				delegate: aComponent;
> 				yourself).
> 		WARenderNotification raiseSignal ]
> By the way, this #lightbox has nothing to do with AJAX per se; it's  
> just
> a fancy way to render a modal component ;)
> Hope this helps,
> -Boris
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>> Hi all,
>> I've been playing around with Scriptaculous in VisualWorks, creating
>> a sample application as a demo for co-workers.
>> During the ajax-ication of my application, I came to use #lightbox:
>> instead of #call:
>> Now this lead to an error in my page rendering ( a MNU) and after
>> investigation I found out that, when you do
>> r:=self lightbox: (aComponent).
>> r will first have for value self , then when aComponent will answer,
>> it will have for value the object answered by aComponent.
>> This is not the same behaviour as #lightbox: in Squeak! So I suspect
>> it is a VW problem.
>> I put together a quick test case app, to reproduce the bug.
> (attached)
>> Component1 calls component2. everytime it does a call (with #call: or
>> #lightbox: ) it inspects the value or r. As you will see, with  
>> #call:,
>> r is inspected only once, and has the proper value. With #lightbox: r
>> is inspected twice, first holding self , then holding the proper
> value.
>> I will try to look into the problem myself, but any help is
>> appreciated :)
>> Thanks,
>> Yann Monclair
>> PS: for the lucky people coming to Smalltalk Solutions 2007, I'll see
>> you in Toronto!
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