[Seaside] Oddness with #lightbox: in VW

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Fri Apr 27 06:57:06 UTC 2007

Yann Monclair a écrit :
> Thanks Boris,
> I can't say on the top of my head which version of scriptaculous we 
> run, but I remember that that WARenderNotification raiseSignal isn't 
> there, but it is in the #call: implementation.
Yann, you are most probably on SeasideScriptaculous 2.6b2.6.x (or older) 
together with Seaside 2.6b1.136.x. This combination is what you would 
get if you loaded parcels from a recent VW 7.5 beta.

The issue you are describing is fixed in SeasideScriptaculous 2.6b2.7.x, 
available on the public store. So you just need to grab the latest 
SeasideScriptaculous from the public store.

In case you loaded the SeasideScriptaculous parcel, I suggest you unload 
the parcel before loading the bundle from the public store.

Since I have not gotten the final VW 7.5 media yet, I'm not sure :-( if 
this latest version of SeasideScriptaculous could make it for the final 
VW7.5 build. Sorry.


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