[Seaside] How to implement the classical email confirmation withseaside

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Apr 27 17:33:49 UTC 2007

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> >     I'm wonder how one can implement with Seaside the classical 
> > feature in which a user fills an online form and the system 
> sends an 
> > email confirmation to the user with a link that when clicked the 
> > system can store it as a valid user with a valid email.
> See WAEmailConfirmation in Seaside, that does exactly that.
> You can also have a look at SqueakSource. It uses the same 
> principle for lost passwords.
> On seasidehosting.st we use something like:
> nextPage
> 	Continuation currentDo: [ :cc |
> 		self
> 			mailUrl: (self session 
> actionUrlForContinuation: cc)
> 			for: self account.
> 		^ self inform: 'Check your e-mail.' ].
> 	self account activate.
> 	self inform: 'Account activated'
> Cheers,
> Lukas
Lukas, if I understood right, the "self session actionUrlForContinuation:
cc" are getting the url of the current session and that means that the url
sent it's only useful until the expiration of that session right?


PD: thanks for the reference of look into SqueakSource code I haven't see it
yet. I think I can download it from SqueakSource itself.

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