[Seaside] How to implement the classical email confirmation withseaside

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Apr 27 17:24:47 UTC 2007

> >     Any clue will be appreciated,
> >  
> >     thank you,
> >  
> Here's what I do:
> Mark your "change password request" objects with a unique Id (I use 
> UUID>>asString36).  Send an e-mail to the user with a URL 
> which contains
> an ID encoded in its path.
> Create a root component and implement initialRequest:.  This 
> method gets 
> the WARequest instance as an argument.  From that you can get 
> the path 
> elements (I think I use "request nativeRequest pathParts last" to get 
> the last one).  Now you have the id so you can pull the 
> change password 
> request object out of your database.
> David
Looks very good! This way, the sent link (unless one explicitely implement
it) don't has an expiration time. I'll give a try to this. Thank you very


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