[Seaside] HV2 status

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Wed Aug 1 13:15:48 UTC 2007

Hi all,

In the past weeks I've been working steadily on Goran's HttpView2.

I've introduced two major changes w.r.t. the current stable version
available on SqueakMap:

- I've built a new Canvas system, inspired by Seaside's one, that can
create XML documents. I've also created an XHTMLCanvas that, as far as I
know, is XHTML 1.1 compliant.
- I've exposed the HTTP response object in the HVTransientView class.
The user may now manipulate the status, fields and contents of the

The XML Canvas and the access to the HTTP response object allow HV2 to
be used to create RESTful web services (albeit awkwardly, at least at
the moment). I'd like to keep moving HV2 from being a webapp framework
to a webservices framework that can also be used to create web apps, but
I'll have to hear what Goran thinks of it :-)

On my blog there are more details on the work I've done (here:
http://blogs.corriga.net/giovanni/archives/2007/8/1/httpview2_status_report/ ) and a small sample of the new Canvas system (here: http://blogs.corriga.net/giovanni/archives/2007/8/1/an_httpview2_canvas_sample/ ). Please note that I plan adding back a Painter with a more high-level interface to HTML creation, too.

Any comments, criticism etc. are appreciated.


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