[Seaside] How do we get a string with a specific encodings

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Aug 2 13:49:18 UTC 2007

>>>> That depends on the image version and WAKom variant you are using.
>>>> If you use a squeak 3.9 image and the WAKomEncoded39 server than
>>>> everything is converted to utf-8 before it is being transfered
>>>> to the client.
>>> It also depends where you get the content from. A from field? A file
>>> upload? A file on disk?
>>> Really more information would help.
>> In fact it comes from two sources.
>>         - one on a file (that normally I read with a converter to  
>> be sure)
> What encoding does the file have?

utf8 but I could change that.
It seems that latin1 would be better.

>>         - from input fields.
> Are you running an encoded server adapter or WAKom?

Just WAKom but I should move to use the WAKomEncoded39 version

>> Now I was also wondering how I can simply specify a string with an
>> encoding in Squeak
>> in the image since I have no clue about that.

do you know the anwser that the last question?

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