[Seaside] How do we get a string with a specific encodings

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Aug 2 15:45:26 UTC 2007

> Sorry, I didn't get the question. Could you please rephrase and be
> very exact about:
> - where your strings come from

either from a file with an encoding (utf8 but could be latin1)

> - what encoding these strings have

> - what encoding these strings should have in the end

I do not know.
Now when the user type text in input fields I would like to have the  
same encoding.

Then I was also curious about the use in the image of encoded strings  
(ie how to create them, convert....)

> Just "I have an encoding problem" is not really helpful at all
> especially if asking for answers before supplying any information.


>> My opinion
>> is that you should convert every string you get from outside
>> the image to the internal format squeak uses. That is a controlled
>> setting and you are able to use size and other methods on those
>> strings without worry.
> Unfortunately even if you have WideStrings you can not rely on that
> all the methods for Strings work since some are broken for
> WideStrings.

How can I see that?
It would be good to report (if this is not already done)

> Additionally you won't be able to inspect your non-latin
> Squeak WideStrings because they have no language tag and there is no
> way of adding one.

What do you mean is that we cannot inspect utf-8 wideStrings ?

>> The get your file to the web with the
>> correct encoding you read in the file convert it from utf-8 to
>> the internal squeak encoding. Then you should use WAKomEncoded39
>> that will do the conversion to utf-8 when the string is about
>> to leave the image.
> That is of course only true if you get your Strings into the image via
> Seaside and not via FileStream. And of course WAKomEncoded39 does not
> work in Squeak 3.9 if you have the special version of Kom distributed
> with the SeasideInstaller.

arghhhh :)
>> From input fields it is nearly the same except
>> the fact that WAKomEncoded39 doesn't do conversion for fields if
>> the request is multipart (that means mostly you uploaded something
>> like image along with the text fields).
> This is fixed in 2.8. The only place where WAKomEncoded39 does not
> conversion is for fileuploads because we have no way of telling what
> encoding the file has or if it's even a text file.

so I should wait and use 2.8.

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