[Seaside] WAFileLibrary / Resource Path

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 07:42:44 UTC 2007

Ken Treis wrote:
>  ...
>     http://s3.amazonaws.com/myBucket/SULibary/effects.js
> What would be the best way to refactor the code to accomplish this? If 
> nobody's interested in this sort of feature, then I guess I can hack 
> it however I want. But if other people are interested, I'd like to 
> know how to make it as useful as possible.
Dear Ken,

If you have a look in the Jetsam28Seaside package in 
http://www.squeaksource.com/Jetsam you will find a number of adaptations 
to the standard seaside file serving capability.

I haven't used this myself do to what you are asking, but I did have it 
in mind. I will outline the principles as to how you can achieve what 
you want to do quite easily.

1. Define your file library 'YourAppLibrary' as a subclass of 
WAFileLibrary. If you want to include the standard seaside stuff as well 
then subclass WAStandardFiles. The version in Jetsam allows subclassing 
and inheritance/overriding of file selector based resources.

2. In your rendering code, refer to your links like so

html image url: YourAppLibrary / 'example.jpg'  (This is another 

or the standard

html image url: YourAppLibrary / exampleJpg

3a For in image serving, use your library in the standard way,
3b For serving from disk, set the #libraryName method to be the name of 
the directory of the files you wish to serve, if it finds a file in 
there that file will override the in image version.
3c. For serving from an external source (as requested...)

The std version hardwires the baseUrl provider to 'WAFileHander 
default'. The Jetsam version gets this from #fileHandler. So all you 
have to do is override #fileHander to return something which returns 

So the easiest option is to change #fileHandler to return self, and you 
set #baseUrl to return the url of the external resources. If should be 
possible to wire this up to the current application's configuration 
settings if you want to.

let me know how you get on


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