[Seaside] Albatross not working on linux

Alexander Lazarevic' Alexander at Lazarevic.de
Fri Aug 3 12:46:18 UTC 2007

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Hi Norbert,

when I started ExternalWebBrowser just as a hack I was only able to test
it on my Debian and WindowsXP Box. Dominique Dutoit made modifications
to make this work on Macs. Can't tell you much about it. You may want to
have a look at [1] to see the changes.


[1] http://www.squeaksource.com/ExternalWebBrowser

Norbert Hartl schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use albatross for my web app. But I have
> some problems. First there are two Mac specific classes
> to open a browser:
> ExternalWebBrowserMacOS
> and
> ExternalWebBrowserUnixMacOSX
> I guess these are for system 9 and 10. However the latter
> is detected under linux. It just checks for platformName,
> availability of the C library and the existence of an
> executable called open. All this is true for a linux 
> system. At least all debian based. But the open binary
> is in a package console-tools which I know from nearly
> every other linux as well. This could be different for
> BSD like system. I'll check this.
> As I am not familiar with ffi calls in particular I did
> an ugly hack around it. I added 
> ExternalWebBrowserUnixMacOSX>>suitsPlatform
>    ^ super suitsPlatform and: [
>       (self new system: 'uname -a | grep ''^Darwin''') = 0
>    ]
> With this the I get ExternalWebBrowserUnixMozilla. This uses
> gnome-moz-remote binary to open a page. This is already a
> dependency to gnome (as the name indicates). I think it is
> better to use gnome-open which will open any browser the user
> has configured in his settings. Do you think there are any
> javascript issues which need to use mozilla? The change would 
> be 
> ExternalWebBrowserUnixMozilla>>helperCommand
>    ^' "{1}"'
> ExternalWebBrowserUnixMozilla>>helperProgram
>    ^'gnome-open'
> If you like to support more different settings let me know
> I can jump in.
> Having this I get the test page opened in firefox. But I
> get an error from albatross. I tested pier versions from
> universe (public and beta) and the latest albatross from
> squeaksource.
> With pier beta I get
> UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #contents
> AComponentWrapper(WAComponent)>>decoration
> Norbert
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