[Seaside] Google-Gmail 'Attach a file' Component

dirk newbold dirkdirk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 13:55:45 UTC 2007


Newbie Question:

I'm trying to mimic the Google-Gmail 'Attach a file' Component (the
one used in their 'Compose Mail' facility, situated under the
'Subject' with the paperclip icon) instead of using the more
cumbersome looking html fileUpload & html submitButton.

Could this be developed into a standard Seaside Component?

Also I'm looking for some more detailed explanation of how the
Scriptaculous's onChange/onClick callback method works i.e. in the
code below I understand how the first callback works but I am a bit
lost as to the ins and outs of the second callback.

html select
   list: (1 to: 9);
   selected: selectList;
   callback: [ :value | selectList := value ];
   onChange: (html updater
      id: mid;
      triggerForm: fid;
      callback: [ :r | r render: selectList ])

Any help/explanation would be great.



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