[Seaside] Glorp-Seaside-callback not Working

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Sun Aug 12 16:00:50 UTC 2007

Hi Rajeev,


You need to register the object before you make changes to it.  The
registration tells Glorp to track changes to your object. 


Hope that helps!

Ron Teitelbaum



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Dear Seasiders,
I followed Ramon's Blog of porting seaside to postgreSQL using Glorp. 
I have now created 2 components. In one, you can enter the details of the
form (which are in the form of textInput and textArea) and are registered
upon submitting a button. This part works well. 

Now, in the second component, I want to edit(update) the entries I have
created earlier. I use textInput and textArea again for this, and when I
edit and submit using a button (register the model) , the update doesnt seem
to work. 

I have observed one thing here, the update doesnt seem to work in textInput
value: callback:

A snippet is code is here.(which doesnt update the title)

self session
        commit: [temp := self session 
                        readOneOf: BlogPost
                        where: [:each | each title = '1'].
                       html textInput value: temp title;
                        callback: [:value | temp title: value]. 
                         self session register: temp]

A snippet which uses simple setter technique and is updated.

self session
        commit: [temp := self session
                        readOneOf: BlogPost
                        where: [:each | each title = '1'].
                        temp title: 'some Title'.
                        self session register: temp].

Anticipating your help       

Rajeev Lochan

Co-founder, AR-CAD.com

+91 9243468076 (Bangalore)
080 65355873 

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