[Seaside] gradiant colors

Maarten Mostert maarten.mostert at wanadoo.fr
Sun Aug 12 16:39:29 UTC 2007

Well what I understood is that you can make an image repeat feature in 
your CSS file using a slim image.

This would probably mean something like defining a style method with:

style ^ 'body { 
background: url( '/localhost:8008/',MyFileLibrary / #slimbackroundPng,');
background-repeat: repeat-x;

But then the above does not work at all.

The second thing might be to create some javascript thing.

When googling around I find things like:

*Code :*



Boris Popov a écrit :
> If html/css had such a feature it certainly would be possible in 
> seaside :) What exactly did you have in mind? Mostly the effect is 
> achieved by giving elements a gradient image background via css and 
> seaside certainly lets you do that.
> Cheers!
> -Boris
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> Hi,
> I just wondered if it is possible to create gradient background colors 
> in seaside.
> Rgrds,
> @+Maarten,

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