[Seaside] WAComponent and HTML Emails?

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Mon Aug 13 16:24:53 UTC 2007

> Can you have a look at Seaside2.8a1-pmm.434. It introduces 
> the somewhat unfortunately named WAHtmlBuilder (I'm open for 
> better suggestions). This already helped to reduce 
> duplication in tests and could further reduce duplication in 
> Comet and RSRSS2.

Looks great, glad to see it was immediately useful.

> htmlString would look something like this:
> htmlString
>     ^WAHtmlCanvas builder
>         fullDocument: true;
>         rootBlock: [ :root | self updateRoot: root ];
>         render: self

Any reason you wouldn't want that method in WAComponent?

> Wouldn't you want something more customized that includes the 
> full stack and not html?
> Cheers
> Philippe

Sure, there's lots of things I'd want, but there's the matter of how much
time I have available, tossing in the existing walkback page into an html
email seemed the simplest thing that could possibly work.  What do you use?

Ramon Leon

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