[Seaside] How to email

Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Wed Aug 15 05:21:07 UTC 2007

Yea! I don't have to resort to Postfix or Sendmail! Here's the problem:

The #encodeString: method in SMTPClient is incorrectly generating two extra
trailing and unreadable characters. (Are they CR/LF?) This is why I was
getting the "malformed auth input" error message.

The simple fix is to have #encodeString: strip off the last two characters:

^str truncateTo: (str size - 2)

Now SMTPClient works like a charm! I'm so proud of myself.  :-)

Newbie Richard

Well, SMTP client should use SMTP protocol, which opens a port to the
server, sends a bunch of commands, and gets a bunch of responses. If your
regular email client is able to talk to the server, so should your SMTP
client in Squeak, no? Now, I know nothing about Squeak, but I've used
VisualWorks SMTP client many times against a countless number of email
servers and it always worked just fine, with or without auth in place. I
would look into why you are getting an error and not resort to running
postfix or sendmail yourself.



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