[Seaside] Dynamic Combobox

Andres Fortier andres at lifia.info.unlp.edu.ar
Mon Aug 20 01:28:02 UTC 2007

Thanks for the quick response! I wasn't aware that

	callback: [:render | self renderCombobox2: render]

would force the refresh of the combo contents. I'll try right away.

Thanks again,

Andrius Paulavicius escribió:
> Well, Combobox2 rendering should depend on some state which is set in 
> Combobox1s callback:
> html select
>     ...
>     callback: [:a | self updateCombobox2State: a];
>     onChange: (html updater
>         id: combobox2Id;
>         callback: [:render | self renderCombobox2: render]).

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