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Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed Aug 22 14:31:40 UTC 2007

Does 2.0 support wildcard IPs to listen on all interfaces?


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Hi Andrés,

Andres Fortier wrote:
> thanks Janko, it works like a charm. Now, have a doubt: if I try 
> accessing the site in the old way (http://localhost:8001/...) it doesn't 
> work anymore; is there a way to configure the site (or the server) to 
> listen to both the ip and localhost?

Yes, you can add one or more aliasese to the Swazoo Site. And not only 
hostname aliases but a whole host:ip:port combination. And that's what 
you need to do in your case:

  1. SwazooServer stop
  2. inspect your Site
  3. yourSite addAlias:
	(SiteIdentifier host:'localhost' ip:'' port: 8001)
  4. SwazooServer start

If you inspect now a SwazooServer singleton servers, you'll now see two 
HTTPServers serving on two ip:port combinations but for the same Site!

Best regards

> Thanks again,
>              andreś
> Janko Mivšek escribió:
>> Hi Andrés,
>> Andres Fortier wrote:
>>> Hi list,
>>>         First of all I must say that my knowledge in networks is very 
>>> limited, so maybe this is well-known in the community.
>>> I've finally finished my simple site, put it in the server and tested 
>>> it via http://localhost:8001/...
>>> Now, the strange thing is that if I try to access it by using the 
>>> server ip (http://xxx.yyy.zzz.www:8001/...) it doesn't work. I've 
>>> been told by the guys in tech suport that the server was only hearing 
>>> in the localhost interface and that I should set it up to listen in 
>>> all the other interfaces. Any ideas how to solve this? I'm using 
>>> Seaside with Swazoo on VW.
>> Try to do something like this:
>> 1. SwazooServer stop.
>> 2. Inspect SwazooServer singleton sites and in your site inspect
>>    uriPattern.
>> 3. set host:ip:port: combination accordingly. For instance:
>>     host: 'www.mysite.com'
>>     ip: 'xxx.yyy.zzz.www'
>>     port: 8001
>> 4. if necessary put in hosts file on your computer:
>>     xxx.yyy.zzz.www  www.mysite.com
>> I hope that helps
>> Best regards
>> Janko

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server
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