[Seaside] Patch for WAApplicationEditor>>renderLibrariesOn:

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Aug 23 02:33:01 UTC 2007

Hi there,
    it's me again talking about libraries :)
    I saw the feature I was asking for already implemented with a minor bug
which I patched with this method:
renderLibrariesOn: html
 html heading level2 with: 'Libraries'.
 self libraryOptions isEmpty ifFalse: [
  html text: 'Add Library: '.
  html select
   list: self libraryOptions;
   selected: nil;
   callback: [ :value | library := value ].
  html space.
  html submitButton
   callback: [ self addLibrary ];
   text: 'Add' ].
 html unorderedList: [
  application libraries do: [ :each |
   html listItem: [
    html text: each.
    html space.
    html anchor
     callback: [ application removeLibrary: each ];
     with: '(remove)' ] ] ].
 html submitButton
  text: 'write to disk';
  title: 'writes all the libraries to disk';
  callback: [ application writeLibrariesToDisk ]
The change is very subtle. In the last line #application instvar is used
instead of calling it with "self application". That change was making that
only the config application libraries where writed to disk instead of the
application being configured.
Sebastian Sastre

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