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The key here is that you configured rails to bind to localhost which is different from, Swazoo supports the former but not the latter due to the way it looks up its virtual sites. At this point I suspect I might be better off waiting for Opentalk to take shape on VisualWorks :)


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Hi Boris, this is a very good question.  I have used Ruby and Rails and there's an application called mongrel_rails:

sudo mongrel_rails cluster::configure -e production -p 8000 -N 3 \
-c /var/www/apps/testapp

Note:  The above line configure 3 mongrel instances (i.e. web servers) in production mode starting at port 8000.  Thus, ports 8000 - 8002 would have an instance of the rails webserver running on it.  This would create a file called 
.  This looks like the following:

port: "8000" 

environment: production 

address: localhost 

pid_file: log/mongrel.pid 
servers: 3 

Now, that I have generated the cluster file.  I can perform the following actions:

sudo mongrel_rails cluster::start

sudo mongrel_rails cluster::stop

sudo mongrel_rails cluster::restart
Next, I would configure Apache's mod_proxy_balancer by inserting the following lines in my
conf file:

<Proxy balancer://mongrel_cluster>
Note:  I skipped a few steps but you can get the gist of what's going on in the above.

Finally, it would be great if Swazoo or another application (
i.e. Swazoo-Cluster) allowed one to
configure the relevant pieces of a Swazoo webserver.  Then you can use this Swazoo-Cluster
application to start, stop, and restart the Swazoo webservers for a given application.


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	I do remember having this discussion as well, but in many situations you are deploying behind a web server of some sorts by proxying the Seaside/Swazoo combo, so IP configuration takes place there and does not belong in the application, at least as far as I'm concerned. So I want to bind to all addresses and let other people (or load balancers) decide which ones they will route traffic to (this becomes even more important in managed environments, which is where we are currently moving to). 
	In a nutshell given the following two choices, which would you prefer if you wanted to listen on all interfaces?
	A) Query the host for its interfaces and bind to all of them individually
	B) Bind to <> 
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	> Boris, 
	> Boris Popov wrote:
	> > Mostly because I just don't want to query the host to see which IPs
	> > are available when is out there and waiting for me to use it :) 
	> > Single site restriction is just fine for ~100% of Seaside users anyway.
	> We already had a debate on that. I think that most users are just happy
	>   with default 'localhost' configuration when they start with Swazoo. 
	> Because immediately when you want to go public, you need to register
	> your hostname and ip anyway! Not to mention when you are going to host
	> on some server with many ip's, etc etc. What is missing of course is 
	> better documentation how to do that in Swazoo.
	> I think that your case is a special one and I don't understand why
	> should Swazoo be complicated to deal with just your special case?
	> That doesn't mean that we won't introduce that feature in future Swazoo
	> of course.
	> Best regards
	> Janko
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