[Seaside] Patches I use for Production

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Aug 30 01:08:27 UTC 2007

Seaside team,
    I've grouped in a monticello package some stuff I'm using for production
(parts stable and parts in alpha) that can be shared. Perhaps you may find
useful ideas and/or implementations to integrate to Seaside. At least I do. 
        -Write libraries files to disk in a custom (image relative)
        -Writes libraries files Js and Css content from all the files of all
the libraries of an application in one file (of each kind) with a defined
version name to minimize http requests.
        -Allow to specify wich selectors of a library should be exceptions
to that content grouping (js or css). Usially useful when some Js file is
giving you errors when using it grouped (at the cost of an extra http
        -It adds to the application configuration a boolean to setup if the
application should be using optimized libraries or not.
        -You can also could/should say which version of the optimized
libraries the app should use [*]
        -Strips the /seaside/ part of applications urls
    This inproved not only user experience but developers experience also.
    Should I send this package to...?
Sebastian Sastre

[*] Combined with something like apache's expires mod, this allows to do the
same as Yahoo do inserting the version name in the css and js names to
guarantee that clients will not see cached content when not (See YSlow rule
N 3 add expires header).



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