[Seaside] 'html updater' - How to update multi id's?

dirk newbold dirkdirk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 16:25:17 UTC 2007

Hi - Newbie Question,

I'm trying to update more than one specific element with anchor's,
submitButton's etc, etc...

Rather than updating the div which contains both elements I was wondering
how to cascade the onClick method (?) or updater method (?) so that multiple
id's with corresponding callbacks can be updated.

Following is what I have been using for html anchor, which works fine but
the onSuccess cascade doesn't work with submitButton etc.

    html anchor
        onClick: (html updater
            id: 'box1';
            callback: [ :r | self renderContents1: r ];
            onSuccess: ( html updater
                id: 'box2';
                callback: [ :r | self renderContents2: r ]));
        with: 'Go'


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