[Seaside] session and cookies?

Leandro Perez leandromperez at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 20:48:36 UTC 2007

Dave Bauer wrote:
> On OpenACS (ancient web toolkit) there is a pool of secret tokens that
> are generated by the server. These are used to digitally sign the
> values in the cookies. Note, the values are not secure unless you use
> HTTPS in this scheme. You can make a cookie "secure" and it will
> always be transmitted over HTTPs. Of course the values are on the
> computer, that's why you shouldn't put anything secret IN the cookie.
> You could also use someting like ssha-1 to encode the values before
> setting the cookie.
> Here's the code where I am getting the design ideas from if you are
> interested. it is written in Tcl but should be reasonbly readable.
> http://cvs.openacs.org/cvs/openacs-4/packages/acs-tcl/tcl/security-procs.tcl?rev=1.44&view=markup
> Good luck.

Thanks a lot Dave, I'll have a look of it asap!
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