[Seaside] Seaside and classic(?) content integration

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 20:55:21 UTC 2007

2007/8/31, Sebastian Sastre <ssastre at seaswork.com>:
> > >     1. using IFrames in seaside for the static content
> > >     2. Exactly the oposite
> > >     3. Build all in seaside taking the static html and
> > making use of a
> > > basic component that renders html blindly (then adjust if necessary)
> ...
> > You listed anything that comes to my mind besides that you can inverse
> > 3 too. What's best depends on your requirements. AFAIK
> > iframes are not deprecated, only frames. You can still use
> > them if their advantages make up for their disadvantages,
> > they will stay around for a very long time.
> >
> But that is option 2. Are you talking about making an iframe in a
> traditional site to a seaside app or I'm missing an option here?

No. Assuming the page is generated by PHP or something like this. At
the place in the page where the Seaside application should be
implemented make a request to the Seaside application (using the
current request), parse the response and insert everything between
<body> </body>.

I know that a certain company does this to integrate applications
written in a certain web framework into a certain CMS *g*.


>         cheers,
> Sebastian
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