[Seaside] Squeak VNC

Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Thu Dec 6 13:41:27 UTC 2007

I've tried playing with the encoding settings. I made both vncviewer and
RFBServer use ZRLE encoding. The connection continues to crap out. In fact,
sometimes it causes the entire Squeak image to freeze!

This is ridiculous. Squeak VNC shouldn't be this difficult.

(It's also ridiculous that vncviewer supports a variety of encoding schemes
and Squeak VNC ***only*** supports ZRLE. And ZRLE, btw, is not available in
the free version of TightVNC for Windows. What a bummer.)

If a tool is this problematic to use, then you know it's time to give up on


> Latest update...
> When I try 'vncviewer', the connection is reset (fails).
> Interestingly, on the server where the Squeak image is running, the
> following printout appears in the Transcript:
>     RFB: caught MessageNotUnderstood: LargePositiveInteger>>hex
> I don't know much about Smalltalk but this suggests to me that the VNC
> Squeak code isn't quite up-to-date.  :-)
The only call to hex I've found is in RFBSession>>rfbEncodingUnknown:
It might be that there is a negotiation problem about the communication
encoding. You might try a view switches on vncviewer and/or settings
in RFBServer.


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