[Seaside] [Jobs] Cincom Smalltalk Engineer

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at cincom.com
Fri Dec 7 17:09:50 UTC 2007

Cincom is looking for a developer to join the Cincom Smalltalk team. 
Specifically, we are looking for someone with a background in web 
technologies, such as:

    * Ajax development
    * Javascript development - including knowledge of Prototype and
    * Web 2.0 Design
    * Knowledge of CSS
    * Graphics Design Skills
    * The *Seaside *framework
    * Experience with major databases, such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB/2,
      MySQL, and PostgreSQL
    * Web/Database interaction, especially the ActiveRecord pattern
    * RESTful API design

Experience with newer technologies like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe 
AIR, and Ruby on Rails would be helpful, but is not required. Knowledge 
of GLORP would be helpful as well.

Disgruntled Rails Developers are welcome to apply :)

Interested? Send your resume to employme at cincom.com 
<mailto:employme at cincom.com>. *Make sure to refence PRF 3015 in your 
subject line.*

*Update:* The position is /not/ required to be in Cincinnati - we would 
/greatly prefer a North American based person, however.

/Original post on James Robertsons blog: 

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