[Seaside] how do I add local file uploads support to a seaside app?

Alexandre Rousseau alexr at mailsnare.net
Sat Dec 8 02:28:15 UTC 2007

Oops I just spotted a WAFileUploadTag class after doing a method  
search for "upload". My earlier question may have been premature  
(though 30 minutes would have been saved had there been an entry for  
this in the seaside.st FAQ...)


On 8-Dec-07, at 10:17 AM, Alexandre Rousseau wrote:

> Hi.
> How do I add local file uploads support to a seaside application?
> I would like to develop a seaside-served browser for data -- in the  
> present case, animation studio production data -- that would let one:
> 1. select filesystem entries for import and reading into my  
> application
> 2. parse these imported files, instantiate the relevant objects and  
> present them in appropriate ways
> #2 I can do.
> #1 stumps me. I couldn't find anything -- after 30 minutes only of  
> searching, mind you -- specific to seaside online or in the example  
> apps.
> Thanks in advance for any comments/advice/etc.
> Alex
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