[Seaside] Post response processing, useful or not?

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Dec 8 05:35:51 UTC 2007

I was thinking mad thoughts today:

"Would it be useful if I could perform some potentially slow application
processing after the response has been sent to the browser?"

So... after some investigation I discover that WAKom can add
postProcessors to each request.
Wiring these back into seaside your session class and any
WASessionHelper(s) can now be informed of.

WASession-postProcessRequest: aRequest response: aResponse

Now this could be handy for testing since I can now look at my own
responses. I have not tried any of the testing solutions yet, so I would
be interested to know whether this would be useful in that context.

Any thoughts as to other potential uses?

best regards



This code has been added to the latest Seaside28Jetsam package.


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