[Seaside] Unexpected callback behavior

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sat Dec 8 18:59:49 UTC 2007

Hi there,

	this test shows a problem that seems related to a callback.	It
fails to show appropiate objects for some temps of the callback block
(happen when pressing the 'three' anchor of the test). 

	At first I was suspecting about the #fixCallbackTemps but the block
was already malformed when reach that point. Investigating about this I'm
surprised to found that it's related to Squeak being unable to do properly
this smalltalk code:

	stuff := #(foo bar).
	results := OrderedCollection new.
	1 to: 2 do:[:i|
		results add: [Transcript cr; nextPutAll: (stuff at:
	results do:[:e| e value]

	Tested on 3.9.final.7067 and 3.10 gamma.7159 (a couple of other
smalltalks works as expected)

	I'll report this on squeak list


PS: I'm so shocked :)
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