[Seaside] Continuations - their future?

Avi Bryant avi at dabbledb.com
Mon Dec 10 04:16:23 UTC 2007

On 12/9/07, Aaron Rosenzweig <aaron at cocoanutstech.com> wrote:

> For me, I'm just getting my feet wet with Seaside and a big reason
> for my interest in the framework is because it *does* support
> continuations. In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping those words were
> taken a bit out of context and things are different now but please
> let me know.


> I come from a WebObjects background where continuations reign
> supreme, they're called "component actions" in WO lingo


Let me clear up a couple of points of confusion here.  First of all,
I've never advocated removing continuations from Seaside, simply
making them optional.  I believe that's already true as of 2.8.  I
have indeed said that I find them much less important now than they
were pre-Ajax, but they have their uses and there's no reason to get
rid of them.

Second, WebObjects does not (and cannot) have continuations in the
Seaside sense.  The "component actions" in WebObjects map most closely
to what we call "callbacks", and those are absolutely foundational in
Seaside - it makes little sense to think about the framework without
them, Ajax or no.  Continuations only come into play when you use
#call: and #answer: between components, which has no equivalent in WO.


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