[Seaside] VNC problem WinXP to MacOS Server

Rajeev Lochan lochan94 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 21:13:27 UTC 2007

Hi Damien and others,
I am encountering problems connecting to my remote image (single Click
Seaside image installed with Ian's 1.0 RFB) which is on a MacOS Server
10.4.10 from my WinXP box.Soon after I login, I get a grey screen and then
the " Connection Closed " popup message comes up.

I was able to connect to Damien's 3.10 WebImage which also had same
RFB 1.0using tightVNC viewer
1.39 version.

I also tried latest RealVNC Free and Enterprise Viewer but got the error
message "Unknown rect encodings" and no success in it.

It looks to me that tightVNC is able to connect to old Damien's 3.10 web
image and not the latest one. Are there people who are able to successfuly
use any VNC Viewer to connect from Windows to Apple Remote Desktop which
accepts RFB 003.889 protocol or even  RFB 003.7 which Squeak RFB accepts.

Help needed and Thanks in advance,

Rajeev Lochan

Co-founder, AR-CAD.com

+91 9243468076 (Bangalore)
080 65355873
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