[Seaside] Making anchors to submit

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Dec 11 00:03:48 UTC 2007

While it is certainly doable with anchors, I haven't actually tried it
myself. It is preferred to use proper submit buttons AFAIAC anyway as
highlighted by the whole GWA debacle,


Instead you can style submit buttons to suit your needs, see attached
for what we use in our application as well as the following,


Hope this helps,


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Vancouver, Canada V6C 2T5

boris at deepcovelabs.com


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> Hi there,
> 	the submit buttons look change from system to system but anchors
> consistent so I'm trying to use anchors to submit forms by using
> 	html anchor
> 		callback:[self someAction];
> 		submitFormNamed: 'someFormId';
> 		yourslef
> 	Is anybody using anchors with #submitFormNamed: succesfully?
> 	cheers,
> Sebastian
> PS: amazingly it works as expected with IE but not in FF, nor Opera
> Safari for windows
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