[Seaside] Re: Continuations - their future?

Oleg Richards orichards at mail.ru
Tue Dec 11 07:57:38 UTC 2007

Hello Guys!

I'm really interested in following:

If the future of seaside is AJAX how can you explain me words of  
Lucas: He said me that i should use AJAX to update only one DOM  
object, if there is a complex task it is much better to refresh all  

Why should we put off call: answer: chain for the AJAX? Or we don't?  
How will back button work?

I've come to seaside just a half year ago and now i have a good  
project on it. But i really want this project to have a future. I  
don't want to work with a little different Ruby on Rails. Maybe i  
don't understand something? If so, please, explain me. I want to know  
future of tech i am working with.

Cheers, Oleg

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