[Seaside] Re: Continuations - their future?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Tue Dec 11 11:54:33 UTC 2007

Hi Oleg,

	interesting question. I was searching for an answer of AJAX and
backbutton in Seaside. Yahoo user interface library have this History
Manager that helps with that. But "the hole is deeper".

	Every nifty js library and ajaxification of web apps should trigger
a big warning about how much the use of that resource will deteriorate your
old fashioned development speed. Your ROI can be easily compromised if bad
choices are made on a compromise with a non mature technology made too

	Bad choices can too easily happen in our industry because we not
only have to understand how the technology works and is used to build
sofware artifacts regarding to the demand but also it's economy. In this
matter my rule of thumb for todays (2007) is: too much AJAX can harm your

	In short words Lukas said that a full render is better than a
complex multi component updater. You can even make tests to see which is
faster and surprise yourself.

	Http lacks of events coming from the server to the client (paliated
by hacks like comet) that will also can make a big difference on seaside
development because of having the models in the servers and the presenters
in the user agent. But again, todays is just too new, maybe is not stable or
secure or scalable as you may need and you will have to include the
operative costs of making that work for you harming your ROI.

	So, I'm enthusiast when I can risk and conservative when cannot. We
all enjoy inventing the future but a solution meant to last long, has to be
deeply ponderated and experimented to achieve a solid fundation. Otherwise
it probably never had too much value.

	Seaside already has the most powerfull backtrack and simple style of
development for web. Why don't exploit it as much as you can and see what



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> Hello Guys!
> I'm really interested in following:
> If the future of seaside is AJAX how can you explain me words of
> Lucas: He said me that i should use AJAX to update only one 
> DOM object, if there is a complex task it is much better to 
> refresh all page.
> Why should we put off call: answer: chain for the AJAX? Or we don't?  
> How will back button work?
> I've come to seaside just a half year ago and now i have a 
> good project on it. But i really want this project to have a 
> future. I don't want to work with a little different Ruby on 
> Rails. Maybe i don't understand something? If so, please, 
> explain me. I want to know future of tech i am working with.
> Cheers, Oleg
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