[Seaside] CSS Overflow property, scrolling in Scriptaculous Autocompleter

Sigrid E. Mortensen sigridm at lightlink.com
Wed Dec 12 03:12:28 UTC 2007

Does anyone else have trouble with the scroll bars when using the  
Scriptaculous Autocompleter?

I have set the CSS overflow property for the autocompleter class to  
scroll (I have also tried auto with the same effect), and while the  
scroll bars render just fine, the following happens: I try scrolling,  
either by clicking in the scroll bar or dragging the thumb, and the  
browser seems to interpret that as clicking behind the scroll bar, on  
the canvas.  The autocomplete list disappears without ever showing  
the next set of selections.   In fact, when I drag the thumb, the  
browser crashes completely.

(If I click on the content of the list somewhere in the first set of  
selections, it works as expected and fills the list selection into  
the text box.)

I am using Safari and recently upgraded to version 3.0.4.  The  
crashing seems to be a new... um... feature (it's possible I didn't  
test the dragging of the thumb before), but the failure of the list  
to scroll was present in Safari 2.

Any suggestions?

-- Sigrid.

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