[Seaside] Seaside2.8a1-ljz.531

Jimmie Houchin j.squeak at cyberhaus.us
Wed Dec 12 15:00:10 UTC 2007

Lukas Renggli wrote:
>> Please stop committing with empty log messages.
> It would be pity, but maybe we have to close the repository for public
> write access?

Agreed. But were still a pretty small community here. If you chose to
restrict commits. You could still keep it pretty open by allowing only
those who are either registered with Squeaksource or have there initials
on the Squeak wiki to have commit access. If a committer violates
protocol, you could send an instructional corrective email. If a second
violation occurs, remove commit rights.

The initials in question I could not find in either place.

Even the Squeak wiki is locked down these days.


Just some ideas.



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