[Seaside] Monticello in GemStone

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Thu Dec 13 22:03:41 UTC 2007


What version of GemStone are you looking at? Since about version 2.2.2 
of the 64 bit product (June or July of this year), we have been shipping 
a seaside directory that contains a readme which has instructions for 
taking a virgin GemStone repository and loading Monticello and Seaside 
into it.

If you have downloaded a copy of GemStone from our website, it is likely 
to be version 6.x, which is our 32 bit product for which we do not have 
Monticello/Seaside support.

If you have 64 bit hardware and are interested in trying our GLASS beta, 
send mail to gssbeta at gemstone.com with a request.

The GLASS VMWare appliance has GemStone pre-installed (including 
Monticello and Seaside), so it's by far the easiest way to come up to speed.

Hope this helps,


Oleg Richards wrote:

>Hello Guys!
>Can somebody explain me how to load monticello in gemstone/s through topaz?
>As i can understand after that step you can download other packages via

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