[Seaside] ProtoGrowl

Squeaker squeakman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 18:05:02 UTC 2007


I am attempting to get the ProtoGrowl demo running in Squeak 3.10.

When I launch the demo that comes with the ProtoGrowl package it brings 
up the demo page but when I click on "create via explicit instantiation" 
  or any other of the links, I get an javascript error and nothing happens.

I suspect that the async mechanism is not working on the client side 
because I have a breakpoint on the serverside in the callback (the block 
of code on the server side) and the breakpoint is never triggered.

Using firebug, it reports an error in protocol.js line 1239:

>  this.transport.send(this.body);

and another error at line 3382:

>  element.attachEvent("on" + name, wrapper);

Does anyone know what is wrong here?


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