[Seaside] blueprint css in seaside ?

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at cincom.com
Mon Dec 17 16:45:27 UTC 2007

Keith Hodges wrote:
> cdrick wrote:
>> What do you thing of this framework
>> (http://code.google.com/p/blueprintcss/)?
>> I find it interesting and light especially the reset, the form and the
>> typography. The rest could be nice for the layout in Pier too.
>> Could it be integrated in Seaside ?
>> Cédrick
> Looks cool, could be easily integrated with WACss (part of Jetsam)
I was disappointed. I thought I'd see a cool set of CSS stylesheets and 
images that made the webpage look like a blueprint - like on Mythbusters 
or that very old C64 game "Blueprint".


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