[Seaside] Truly Opaque URLs

Jimmie Houchin j.squeak at cyberhaus.us
Mon Dec 17 21:14:07 UTC 2007

Jason Johnson wrote:
> Jimmie Houchin wrote:
> Well, I suspect you are like me:  what my old boss called a "tweaker",
> i.e. someone who is always tweaking something trying to make every
> aspect perfect.  This is something one has to learn to control because
> the fact is, when you're in tweaking mode you are almost certainly
> working on something no one else in the world notices or cares about.
> In my case, I looked at how to get rid of those ugly strings, but I know
> it doesn't matter so I limited my time to 5 minutes. I can click the
> "use cookies" button and it works fine, if not ok.  What is important to
> me is having bookmarkable URLs, but Seaside provides an effective way to
> do that.
> I've never heard of one single person going "ew!  Look at those URL's,
> I'm never looking at this site again!".  And I don't mean that to
> belittle your comments in any way, just try to help put them in
> perspective. :)

Tweaker, well, hmmm....., yes! :)

But I also like things to be beautiful when able. I was just wanting to
find out if such would be a readily available, low lying fruit, easy
win. Apparently not.

Bookmarkable URLs are important to me. And as you say, Seaside does
provide a way to do such.

Despite my preference for nice looking URLs. I have not gone running to
some other framework to do web development. I have yet to see anything
as beautiful to work with or as productive.

Seaside is far, far, far from being the worst offender in ugly URLs. It
probable wouldn't make the top 100. :)

There are few frameworks which do them better, and many which do them
much worse.

So since there wasn't an easy win. I am going about learning and
hopefully mastering Seaside. This isn't a large community but I do
believe it to be a very good one. Response time is often very rapid. We
just need a few more experts scattered around the globe so that there is
most often an available expert. Even so, it is still pretty well covered.

Currently Seaside is as good as I've found.

I have a hard time getting excited about anything not Smalltalk. Love my
Squeak. Spend enough time in Seaside and Smalltalk, it is very possible
to understand a much higher amount of the framework, toolkit, etc. than
in anything else I've found. Why more people can't see it, I don't know.
Its baffling. :)



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