[Seaside] GemStone

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Mon Dec 17 23:19:18 UTC 2007


I am not too familiar with character encoding issues with GemStone ... I 
think that we are probably pretty close to Squeak in that regard for the 
moment (i.e., we can handle storing anything in the byte arrays, but 
when it comes to intelligent manipulation of characters ByteArray and 
String don't cut it). We have DoubleByteString classes that I think 
would help here , but I haven't worked with integrating them into 
Seaside. It is something that we planned to provide for in the future, 
but haven't spent much time on up to now.

Using GBS and VW just might be the best combo for the near term ... Why 
don't you contact Monty Williams at GemStone, I'm sure that something 
can be worked out.


Oleg Richards wrote:
> Dale! Thank you for the time for explain. Currently i am developing using
> visual works in parallels. First version of my application has been already
> in production windows server 64bit for 2 months. In vw again. I like squeak
> development, especially Ramons image. But i cant use it. I need to type
> unicode characters using keyboard, or even be sure that i can load them. My
> financial reporting system works in huge corporation and i have many
> requests from others to show it. I need persistence. Now i have my homegrown
> system, but i think that if there is something better i can recommend
> customers to buy it. There is another problem - i did not heard about
> gemstone specialists here. So what will you recommend?

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