[Seaside] Seaside Mysql Question

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Dec 22 00:13:54 UTC 2007

Chris Cunnington wrote:
> So, Keith, 
> "I think Chris doth speaketh to sooneth."
> I think you meant to write "too". Unless you meant I'm speaking to a
> Mr./Mrs. Sooneth. I don't know anybody by that name.
I've had a long day.
> You have a MySQL solution that doesn't use the driver that's readily
> available on SqueakSource/SqueakPackageLoader written by Alan Reider. I
eh? I said my solution does use this driver.

I dont believe that the driver was originally written by Alan Reider, I
used it back in March 2003 and it was already old enough to have been
published and have no current maintainer.  Alan took up the mantel and
added some additional support for more recent versions of MySql, there
are even bug reports on Mantis referring to this driver, indicating that
it works, apart from particular new datatypes.  As far as I know Alan
added support for the new password scheme, which adds a dependency on
Cryptography. If you look at Package Universes I think that this
dependency is listed.

The recent update to squeaksource, is due to the fact that I reminded
Alan of the existence of the squeaksource repository, he had been
maintaining it elsewhere.
My, fairly recent, contribution has simply been to begin to add a
factory pattern so that this driver may potentially support multiple
versions of MySQL since there are some slight variations between versions.
> think that supports my statement that it's not referred to very much.
Ok, so actually how many seaside projects using post-stress and glorp
are published on seaside (ok I havent even looked) but its not that
many... I was contesting your point that MySql isnt used by the seaside
community. Didn't Tantalus and ROE use MySQL. Heck if you look on
SqueakMap you will see that version 1.10 of MySql is/was downloadable
from wiresong.ca, isnt that Avi's server!
> You use one that works with Magritte. And you agree with me that there is
> nothing for MySQL in Glorp at the moment.
I didnt say that... actually I have been told that there is a company
which has it working with Glorp, I just haven't seen it for myself.
> Your link works if you add a "d", as in "addons", as in magritteaddons. OK.
thank you
> And there are lots of versions, the latest being 16,
erm... its a version control system, thats why theres lots of version in
> Magritte-RDB-kph.16.mcz,  of the RDB package. Ahh, and you must be "kph";
> its author. 
> There are specific WAMysql classes in that add-on package. Cool. Looks like
> a solution. It seems a drag to me that the you need to add 22 class
> categories of Magritte, and then 4 more of your package for this solution.
> I'd rather avoid Magritte. It's a PHd thesis, and so not optimized for
> simplicity. People who use it, love it, I suppose. Probably makes them feel
> smart.
Magritte is fantastic, its not even very complicated, its just fairly
logically complete.  If you are going to be taking data and rendering it
into a seaside component, with validation etc, if you write anything
vaguely generic, you are going to be aiming and probably failing to
attain the functionality of magritte.

Using some extensions to magritte which support scriptaculous, it is
getting to the point where it is possible to write whole seaside app's
just through magritte's data descriptions. This includes MySql
persistency, dependencies between fields, dynamic component visibility etc.
> I think Keith, that if you wrote up something on how to use your driver and
I dont have a driver.
> put it on seaside.st, then it would prove quite popular. You could use it to
> assimilate people into the Borg that is Magritte.
It might be worth writing something about the new dynamic extensions
that I wrote for magritte. Magritte itself has far better documentation
than I could write.
> I just looked on SqueakSource, and the latest update of Reider driver
> is...in the last three hours. Mysql-alnr.15.mcz was posted today, it seems.
> I think I'll have to try that driver again. The last time I did on Leopard,
> I was given a "primitive failed" error. I do have access to other operating
> systems, though. 
That might just be the dependency on Cryptography
> Hmm, you're a co-admin on that project. I guess you just added an update.
> Correct? 
Dont think so.
>  How about you write a tutorial using the MySQL driver without
> Magritte. Now THAT would be a hit.

contains a fairly easy to follow database interface class which is the example that I learnt from.

I will see about including a refined version in the distribution.

I do think that the MySql Driver is needlessly complicated in areas, probably an artifact of its Java heritage.


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