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Alan Knight knight at acm.org
Sat Dec 22 17:54:16 UTC 2007

At 03:37 PM 12/21/2007, Chris Cunnington wrote:
>None of these answers are very satisfying to you, I imagine, as you are
>working with an existing database, and not starting from scratch. I have
>heard that the Glorp-maker, Alan Knight, is thinking of adding MySQL to the
>package, which at the moment just works on PostgreSQL.

Um, Glorp works on a lot of different databases, including MySQL. But the part that Glorp handles is really just generating SQL appropriate for the database. It needs to be hooked up to a driver, which really just involves changing the <Dialect>DatabaseAccessor to talk to that driver. On VisualWorks, where there's a MySQL driver added in 7.6, which uses the same sort of APIs as the other database drivers, it works fine. Even the INFORMATION_SCHEMA reading stuff to read table definitions works on MySQL. So it would just be a matter of making it use whichever MySQL driver you wanted, and if the APIs between it and the other database drivers are different, making those adjustments.

I'm not likely to do the adjustments for Squeak, but if someone else wants to, I'd be happy to make sure they get merged in.

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