[Seaside] How generate ID

Tom Phoenix rootbeer at redcat.com
Sat Dec 29 20:53:45 UTC 2007

On Dec 29, 2007 12:11 PM, an organic <seasidebeginner at gmail.com> wrote:

> i am writing small example in squeak seaside. I want save my objects in
> image. And i have this class Category with ID, Name. Store in
> OrderedCollection. My problem how generate next ID? i think about locking
> and find max increase one and use it but isn't there simplier way?

I'm not completely sure what you're looking for. It sounds as if you
want a class-side variable, something like this:

    Object subclass: #MyClass
        instanceVariableNames: ''
        classVariableNames: 'LastID'
        poolDictionaries: ''
        category: 'MyCategory'

    MyClass class>>initialize
        super initialize.
        LastID := ifNil: [ LastID := 0 ] .

        ^(LastID := 1 + LastID).

Because it's a class variable, it will exist just once in the system,
instead of once for each instance of MyClass. That means that #newID
will always return a different value than the previous time, no matter
which instance receives it. Is that what you're looking for?

--Tom Phoenix

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