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an organic seasidebeginner at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 18:06:21 UTC 2007


i am coming to seaside from php and it looks as really hard way :-), but i
used JQuery for easy and fast ajax.

There was something like from index.php call skript.php via ajax and when i
get result i can clear (change his inner html = everything between his div
tag) < div class="clearme"> and change his content with new html.

I want do this in root component render left menu head and bottom and
content area. And i want change content with ajax. Sometimes shows new,
sometimes users account info etc. i look on scriptacolous website but i dont
find any demo to do this. May be it's problem i dont know whati want to find
because i think there will be now script to call site skript.php from
index.php :). But can anybody show me best way to do what i want?

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