[Seaside] Lightbox in child component

Amos aaamos at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 06:15:39 UTC 2007

> > Am I missing something really basic, could it be something in my
> > image, or is this a general problem?
> >
> Are you sure the parent is holding on to the same instance of the child?
> If it's not, then the previously "wrapped" component (when you use
> lightbox, it wraps the component in a decoration) is no longer in the
> render tree, so the lightbox won't appear.
Yes, the instance is the same (within the session at least) - the
child is held in an instance variable which is initialised in
#initialize and otherwise doesn't change.

For simplification, let's say I have a MainComponent (which
canBeRoot), with children HeaderComponent, ContentComponent, and
FooterComponent. From what you say, should I expect to have only the
child component that calls #lightbox: to be "wrapped" and display the
lightbox? What about the case I mentioned where #lightbox: was sent by
the parent component?

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