[Seaside] Comparative Study

Nonce Voldermort at icmail.net
Mon Dec 31 09:52:13 UTC 2007

Thank you, I have incorporated your suggestions.

Philippe Marschall wrote:
> I would say that tasks encapsulate cross page control flow rather than
> workflow (a control flow that spans over several .xsp pages). But that
> is just a matter of terminology. You use workflow in other places so
> it's better to be consistent.
> Deployment
> You can also deploy an image. Seaside doesn't come with it's own
> deployment tools or rules, so all the Smalltalk deployment options
> apply here.
> Goodie
> I would not use the word Goodie. I'd use file out, ".st file" or something else.
> Monticello works only on Squeak and Gemstone. Cincom Smalltalk has
> other options.
> Seaside Server
> Kom HTTP Server is only one option. It is a very popular server on
> Squeak. There are other options and other Smalltalk implementations
> use other servers.

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