[Seaside] updating the contents of a div as a side effect of a liveCallback..

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 17:09:29 UTC 2007

>> SeasideAsync identifies the is only capable of updating the page,
>> it does not add to it. You should look a bit closer at the test code
>> in #renderButtonOn:. You will see that the span area with id
>> 'timestamp-button' is defined in the regular rendering code
>> and updated by thelive callback.
> Thanks Michel -- this was my problem obviously.. I had only written
> that code very hastily to just ensure something was happening when  
> the liveCallback was invoked.. I didn't even think that it would  
> matter if I did or didn't specify a div/span/class ID.. Anyway, all  
> appears to be well again.. Thanks for the clarification!

I see. You were probably confused with the new dialog box.

This new dialog box is displayed by the SeasideAsync javascript when
the live callback is unproductive, this happens when the javascript does
not find any matching id in the page. In previous versions of  
the whole page was replaced with the output of the live callback.
This was even more confusing. With the new dialog box, things are made
clearer and the actual xml output from the live callback is shown to  
you with the debugging.

Good to hear that all is well again for you.

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