[Seaside] Feature or bug related to Canvas API's implementation of textInput (async edition)?

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 17:52:38 UTC 2007

> Another reason I prefer Scriptaculous, I decide what client side  
> event fires my callback.

Hi Ramon,

Yes, SeasideAsync can do that too.

(html textInput)
	id: #textId; size: 5; value: ''
	callback: [:value | self textId: value];
	forEvent: 'onblur' callback: [ :event :r | dosomething ];
	forEvent: 'onblur' callback: [ :event :r | dosomemore onblur stuff ];
	forEvent: 'onfocus' callback: [ :event :r | doevenmore ];

Some conveniency methods already exist in WATagBrush

onFocusCallback: aBlock
	self forEvent: 'onfocus' callback: aBlock

onClickCallback: aBlock
	self forEvent: 'onclick' callback: aBlock

That said, yes, I agree that Scriptcalous is a lot more comprehensive
and so much more powerful. But it is also more difficult to use, since
you need to have a good understanding of javascript to use it.

With SeasideAsync you just need to understand what a live callback
is and it is very close to what a regular Seaside callback is. I  
dedicate some of my time to maintain the SeasideAsync package so
that some of my customers can do Ajax without learning Javascript.

I am also doing my best to make sure that SeasideAsync and Scriptaculous
can work together in the same component, so that Seasiders can make
their own choice.


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