[Seaside] Enabling/disabling fields in async liveCallbacks?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Feb 3 05:12:12 UTC 2007

It dawned on me that it might be nice to disable some select fields I've 
got on a form until certain other things have occurred on the form (to 
enforce a sequence if you will).. Anyway, with the initial rendering of 
the form, I sent in the disabled: true message.. This worked fine and 
the select field was disabled (greyed-out).. 

I then went into the SeasideAsync liveCallback I've got and in the place 
where this list is rendered over again with the populated contents, I 
sent in the "disabled: false" message.. However, it still doesn't get 
enabled.. Perhaps I'm going beyond what was meant?  I don't get any 
errors or anything -- just a behavior I wasn't expecting..

If this isn't possible, no biggie..  Just thought I'd try it out..

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