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Eugene Westerhof eugenewesterhof at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 6 17:10:50 UTC 2007

I wonder if it possible to configure  seaside so that in stead of e.g. http//localhost:8008/seaside/go/myApp I could use http://localhost:8008/myApp or even http://localhost:8008/ would lead me straight to my application.
I found a message from Lucas stating
"A point maybe worth to mention is how to make the application appear in the server root directory, so that others can find it even they don't type/know the full path /seaside/app:such that http://myhost.com  goes directly to your applicationIn the Seaside configuration-interface set your application as default entry point (only available in current 2.6 Seaside versions). Change the base-path of the application to "/". From now on your application running directly in the root, other applications like /seaside/config, ... etc. still work."
However, seaside won't let me change the base path. After I save it resets to the original /seaside/go/myApp.
Any suggestions?
Thank you,

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Leef je uit: ontwerp je startpagina precies zoals jij het wil hebben op Live.nl.
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